Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On Mormon Men

Mormon men are downtrodden. In General Conference, they are typically labeled as pornography-consuming, abusive slobs who need to do a lot better if they want to curry God’s favor. Women never get this from male General Authorities, and when they are encouraged to do things different or better by a female General Authority, they start getting existential angst over what it means to be a Mormon woman and a feminist. Mormon men aren’t given the option to do the same. I’d like to see a male General Authority get up and tell women to repent of their nagging and getting angry over things that their husband had no way of knowing a priori that it was hurtful.

I wish that the Church would stress the choices and opportunities available to men, that they don’t have to be tied down to a wife and family, that they can accomplish their goals with money left over in the bank every month. Instead of regaling them with tales of supposed joy over the ability to bless and baptize their own children and watch them grow up, it should present the whole picture and present male role models who have succeeded in business and the arts without the unnecessary baggage of a family.

When will men get their fair place in the Mormon church? One day middle-aged single Mormon men will not be viewed with suspicion by their fellow church-goers as someone inferior for their self-imposed marital status (as men in the church are culturally empowered to be the proposers of marriage, after all). One day Mormon men will be viewed as more important than just a glorified income producer. One day they'll be seen as more than a bunch of potential house-movers. I’m sure it’s only time before the Mormon church moves past its misandric past and moves towards a new, enlightened future.


Beat Dad said...

I know this is satire but, there must be a reason that more men leave the church.

steffielynn said...

Well as you know the first commandment given was multipLy and replenish the earth. Family is the core of the LDS belief. Of course Christ and Heavenly Father are more important, but family is 3rd in line. I personally find LDS men to be quite amazing. I admire their love for their family. I had horrible men influences in my life,(non LDS men) I think it's sad that you think of having a wife and kids as "baggage". But to each his own!

One Southern Belle said...

Ummm, this is priceless! If you ever do write a book, please add me to your mailing list as I'll want a first edition!

Matt "The Bull" said...

I totaly agree with this post and have said such for years. The "GA's " panderment to women has left me/us with just a bunch of stay at home moms that can only do that. Stay-at-home.
Men are told to do it or else. Or else they "won't have forgivness in this life, or the world to come" A threat directed only at melk priesthood holders.
sincerly the average male moromon ie. married in temp, mission etc etc..

The Faithful Dissident said...

Satirical, but it makes you think. :)

Apparently the Church can't even trust the brethren to do laundry right. When I got my endowments, the temple maitron told us explicitly how to wash and not wash our garments, so that they won't turn yellow, wear out, etc. But later when I asked the male members of my family who had gone through the same day whether they had gotten the same instructions, they said no. Remember, brothers, next time your wife nags you to do the laundry, that it's not really in your field of expertise.